Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My mom and sister came up to visit me and I thought a day of shopping in downtown Stillwater would be perfect.  I was thinking of all the pretty fall sweaters we could get or new boots with skinny jeans, but where did we end up??
A fabric/yarn/craft store.... Seriously I think my mom and sister could have spent all day in this place but at 30 mins I hit my limit!  I was literally falling asleep on the counter.  
We did find a few other stores but mostly home stores that we all liked. My mom bought me a few kitchen utensils that she said I really needed, like a cheese grater and a tomato knife.  Who knew tomatoes need their own knives?  Learn something new everyday.

The next day my sister and I hit the shops and I got my kind of shopping done!

Ahh boots!  A girl can never have too many, its literally just not possible!  
It is always fun to have family come and visit, especially when shopping is involved!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Only 3 weeks from today until I get to see my nephew Finn !!
Have you ever seen such a cutie??  I might be biased but I think he is perfect and there really can't be a more amazing little boy.  I may not be able to provide my little nephew with homemade crafty toys or wall decor or cook him yummy food but I still spoil him rotten!   

Best Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Place Ever!!

If you need a go to place for any meal (carry out or dine in) you must try YUM 
The food here has never disappointed me.  The southwest salmon salad and the Patti cake is amazing! I don't even usually like cake and I couldn't stop eating this cake! 
  I have been to Yum many times and have yet to find a dish I don't like.  If you want a quick dinner or lunch but don't (can't) cook then try Yum, you won't regret it!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moving Day!!

Well I had to move this past weekend and it seemed like a never ending task.  My mom was kind enough to come up from Des Moines and help with the cleaning.  
I mean I had dusted what I thought was a lot over the year but the evidence above shows otherwise.  

 I wish I could say that this dust was from my entire room but it was just from the desk!  Gross!

Had to be sure I moved all my groceries to the new place.... frozen dinners and rum! 
I will let you know how it goes getting the new place settled.  For being domestically challenged I am actually fairly handy with a hammer and nails.  I love building new furniture and hanging pictures but we will leave the decorating ideas to my mom and sister!!  

Monday, October 4, 2010

Study Date

My friend Amanda came over to study and I promised snacks and coffee.  I had every intention of waking up and baking some muffins and having yogurt, we need power food to study! But when you wake up an hour before people are coming over it is difficult to go to the grocery and have time to bake.
Don't those muffins look yummy!  Way better than I could bake anyway, at least I made the coffee!!

Flour + Water = Glue

For all the other domestically challenged people out there this is what I learned this week!  My boyfriend and I cooked a meal this week (I drank wine and took the salad out of the bag, he handled the raw meat!).  I tried to be helpful and clean up the mess for cooking.  We had one plate full of flour from breading the chicken so I went to rinse it down the drain, right? WRONG!  My boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy.  Him- "Don't you know that when you mix flour and water it becomes like glue? Don't put that in my sink!"
Me- "Oh yea I totally I knew that..."
We at least he knows my skills in the kitchen and loves me anyway!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I think I need groceries...

This is my cupboard, it may appear full but do not be fooled.

There are 4 empty boxes in there, expired croutons, some really old almonds(do those even go bad?) and that leaves only a few eatable things behind.  I guess if you consider a nice lunch one made with olive oil, granola and hot cocoa or peppermint tea to drink!  Guess I will finally head to the grocery...