Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My mom and sister came up to visit me and I thought a day of shopping in downtown Stillwater would be perfect.  I was thinking of all the pretty fall sweaters we could get or new boots with skinny jeans, but where did we end up??
A fabric/yarn/craft store.... Seriously I think my mom and sister could have spent all day in this place but at 30 mins I hit my limit!  I was literally falling asleep on the counter.  
We did find a few other stores but mostly home stores that we all liked. My mom bought me a few kitchen utensils that she said I really needed, like a cheese grater and a tomato knife.  Who knew tomatoes need their own knives?  Learn something new everyday.

The next day my sister and I hit the shops and I got my kind of shopping done!

Ahh boots!  A girl can never have too many, its literally just not possible!  
It is always fun to have family come and visit, especially when shopping is involved!

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  1. we were not in the fabric store for 30 minutes...maybe 20. And you'll be thankful when you start getting presents that i make for you. :)